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I thank WriteTobeIAS for guidance on Essay writing. It's an awesome initiative and I'm satisfied to be part of it.

Abhishek Oswal (Rank 369, CSE 2018)

Sir "1. Insistence on diagrams made a habit out of me. 2. Daily Quality feedback was really helpful "

Anshuman Raj (Rank 537 CSE 2018)

In my CSE 2018 attempt "...Improve Daily Program of WriteToBeIAS.com with regular evaluation has been extremely useful in improving my writing skill for rank improvement purpose.

RS Parth Gautam Sharma (Rank 294, CSE 2013)

I am extremely happy and satisfied to have been part of your mains 2018 program. Mentoring through real life experiences, stressing even the minute details( e.g.:draw diagrams using pencil :) )made a difference throughout the program. Tips ( intro, body, conclusion) and timely feedback on how we can score those extra marks compared to others, were really helpful

Sushmita (Mains Student)

It is very Good.i was able to cover syllabus holistically.it prepared me address every part of the question, improve speed of writing.it improved my innovation to draw flow chart and maps in almost every question relevently. One can definitely get extra one or two marks that means a total of 20 to 40 marks in every paper can be increased.thank you.

Aravind Alegati(Mains 2018 & 2019 Qualified)

Feedbacks insisting for diagrams and flowcharts helped a lot in the real exam and Some of the GS3 especially Internal security questions directly from daily answer writing questions”

Aditi Ambedkar (Mains Student)

Dear team, I would like to share my experience. Your guidance and moulding really did wonders. My presentation has improved tremendously. I enjoyed writing. I wrote intro and conclusion for all questions. Drew as many diagram as possible in pencil with box. Attempted 79 of 80 questions. Tried my best to be within the limits of question.Time management was better this time. Yeah there were few flaws in my preparation part. But no regrets, they cant be perfect. Each an every feedback you gave helped me a lot. I feel lucky that the nature brought me to you. No words are enough to express my gratitude.

Maheshwaran Raja (Mains student)

I could write better answers even with limited knowledge in Mains 2018".

Rakshit Prakash (Mains 2018)

Excellent, Exemplary, Very Helpful. Overall good and satisfied

Syed Mohsin (Mains 2019 Qualified, 4 Question Daily Student)

The course really helped me to get into the structure of writing an impressive answer

Faizan ali (Mains 2019 Student)