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The following sources will be covered in CRUX NOTES. In this Course, Static as well as Current will be covered. Notes are fully updated and highly useful for 2020 and 2021 Prelims, Mains, and Essay of UPSC Civil Services Examination. Those students who have purchased our Crux Notes of standard books shall get the option to upgrade to these notes by paying difference amount.



Sources covered in Crux Notes

Art & Culture 

Nitin Singhania(3rd Edition)
Class 11 NCERT Performing Arts

Ancient History       

Medieval History                                     



Modern History                        

Spectrum Modern History(2020 Edition)

Post Independence India         

Multiple Sources, NCERT, Ram Chandra Guha

World History

Norman Lowe + Some topics from NCERT and other standard sources

Indian Society                        

Class 11 Socio NCERT - Understanding Society
Class 12 Socio NCERT- Change and Development in India
Class 12 Socio NCERT - Indian Society

 WriteToBeIAS Socio  Special Notes


G C Leong
Class 6 to 12 NCERTs




Indian Polity & Constitution           

M Laxmikanth

Governance & Social Justice     

WriteToBeIAS Special notes Fully current based covering various sources, currentaffairs,    

ARC1, ARC2, Punchee Commission, Sarkaria Commsiion,      Recommandations topic wise

and other reference Sources, committes.

International Relations

WriteToBeIAS Special Notes Fully current based covering various sources like
Website and document of Min.of External affiar,
 International organisation,

Foreign affair magazine article,
 Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA),
 IR editorials from The Hindu and The Indian Express.

Books: Referred
International Relations (4th Rev. Edn.)by Vinay Kumar Malhotra
International Relations in the 21st Century by Pant
Challenge and Strategy: Rethinking India’s Foreign Policy by Rajiv Sikri
 International Relations-Other sources & Current Affairs.




Indian Economy

Class 11 NCERT
Class 12 NCERT
 Economy Survey 2020 as well as of 2021

Union Budget of 2021
 Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh (12th revised Edition)


Class 6 to 10th Relevant NCERT Chapters

Shankar IAS (6th Edition)

Disaster Management              

WriteToBeIAS special Notes

Science & Technology              

Class 6 to 10th Science NCERT

WriteToBeIAs special notes current based

Internal Security                       

WriteToBeIAS Special Notes

Covering various sources and MHA and related websites.




Ethics Integrity & Aptitude Theory Part       

WriteToBeIAS special notes covering various Sources

Case Studies

WriteToBeIAS special notes covering various Sources




The Hindu Editorial Notes 

Covering All important articles of both pages of The Hindu Newspaper

From June 2020 till Mains 2021

Highly useful for Pre, Mains answer enrichment and Essay

The following CRUX Notes in PDf downloadable and printable will be provided for Prelims 

1) Polity - Laxmikant (6th Edition)
2) Modern History - Spectrum (2020 Edition)
3) Shankar IAS - Environment (6th Edition)
4) Nitin Singhania - Art & Culture (3rd Edition)
5) Art & Culture Class11 NCERT
6) G C Leong - Geography(new Edition)
7) Geography - 6th to 12th old NCERTs
8) Economy- 11th NCERTs
8) Economy- 12th NCERTs
9)  S &T - Static Portion
10) Ancient History - Old  -  NCERT
11) Mediaval History - Old  -  NCERT
12) General Science- 6th to 10th old NCERTS
13) Environment - 6th to 10th old NCERTS - relevant portions
14) Economic Survey 2019-20 Summary Vol 1
15) Economic Survey 2019-20 Summary Vol 2

16) Economy by Ramesh Singh



End date indicates the date till when you will be able to access the Notes. Noteswill be uploaded well in advance so that you get more then enough time to view, downlaod the Notes multiple times.However once the course expires nothing can be done after last date.

The form of notes depends upon the type of course purchsed( Hard Copy Purchasd or Soft Copy purchased both are separate and have different prices). We will provide study material in downloadable PDF format which you can read in soft copy or get it printed by yourself. Hardcopy will be provided for STATIC section and Non Complementary Notes Only. Hardcopy shall be delivered through Courier.

You have multiple options to ask your queries 1)Email 2) ASK QUERY option in your personal dashboard  3) Direct whatsapp /Telegram, Phone channels are available.

You can download each Note upto 20 times. After that account will be permanently locked.

Yes you can download as well as can take printout.To facilitate student we have allowed that.

You can access in multiple devices. However if we found that you are accessing in more than two devices in parallel, then your account me be permanently locked by system. Which will be a irreversible process.

Yea, You can download all notes in pdf format. However Maximum number of time you can download a file is 20. After that your account will be locked.

This facility is available only with selectd course only. Immediately after purchase of Hard Copy Notes, Student should drop and email to contact@writetobeias.com, mentioning their payment details and detailed Correspondence address. Ordinarily within 10 days course material is delivered at the correspondence address. (Subject to Courier Service availability in that area). However current affairs Notes if provided under any course shall be delivered in PDF format soft copy only, inside student dashboard.

Yes you can upgrade by paying the difference amount. For that contact on our helpline no 09711500808. Full assistance will be provided to you.


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