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Course Details

GSIV Pre Cum Mains 2022 and 2023 (GSIVPCM22)

This is a comprehensive Course covering UPSC Civil Services Examination Ethics GS IV paper. It includes video classes and answer writing.

This course will cover the entire syllabus of  Mains GS(IV) Syllabus.

This will also incorporate ethics and human interface, human values, attitude, Aptitude and foundational values for civil service, contributions of moral thinkers and philosophers, emotional Intelligence, Probity in Governance, Codes of Ethics and citizens charter, Ethics in Public Administration and case studies based on the above topics.



Yes, you can watch on any device. In case of Android and ios mobile devices use Google Chrome web browser.

End date indicates the date till when you will be able to access the lectures. Lectures will be uploaded well in advance so that you get more then enough time to watch the lectrures multiple times.

We will provide study material in downloadable PDF format which you can read in soft copy or get it printed.

You have multiple options to ask your queries 1) During the live sessions with faculty 2) ASK QUERY option in your personal dashboard  3) Direct whatsapp to the faculty for any type of query any time.

You can watch every video 5 times.

Yes, if you join the lectures late then you will get all previously covered lectures in your dashboard.

Yes, you can increase the speed to 1.5 times or 2 times for quick revision.

Yes, previous year questions will be covered

Yes, mock tests (MCQ Based/Answer writing) will be suitably covered.

Yes, Live classes are conducted with backup facility in the form of video recordings

Yes some courses contains classroom tests also. But that varies from course to course. Please refer above given Curriculam of the course to ascertain this.

Sample Videos

Ethics Basic concepts -GSIV

Law & Ethics -GS IV

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