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Daily Mentorship & Handholding Programme (Prelims-cum-Mains 2020)

After successful completion of Prelims 2019 Mentorship Program we hareby announce the program for 2020 with added features

Services Under This Programme

1) Regular video group calls (Average one call per 15 days)

(To resolve all individual concerns/queries/preparation doubts ;  Do’s & Don’t ; What to study & What not to study ; Overall orientation/Motivation)

2) Crux of all important & popular books for Prelims 2020 & 2021

3) Prelims Test series having 3000 questions on ONLINE PLATFORM

NOTE - Once you apply then your SWOT analysis form will be screened by our team. We will give admission based on your SERIOUSNESS only.  Not everyone will get admitted. Rejections are highly possible. Even after admissions, you will be asked to withdraw from program with remaining fee refunded if you are found to be casual.


Admission Details 

(Admissions starting Date 16th September,2019 ;   Mentorship starting immediately on admission

     Option 1 : Six months from the date of joining  Rs 7,500/-

       Option 2 : Full program till June 2020   Rs 10,000/-


Before Taking Admission


            STEP 1       Fill up “SWOT Analysis FormClick Here

            STEP 2       Sign up on our prelims test series portal (Click Here) and Give ENTRANCE TEST (to judge your preparedness)         

            STEP 3       Pay the fee and confirm your seat Click Here

          Note:-  On Smart phones Prelims Website works well with Android App Only

  • If you are on Android based mobile then download our app by clicking on link Download Android App


After Admission to This Programme

STEP 1            You get admitted to "Closed Telegram Group"                                            

STEP 2            You get Contact details of "Dedicated Interview Appeared Educators"  with whom you can be in touch with phone as well as personal WhatsApp no.

STEP 3            Detailed strategy & Study Plan Preparation with individual guidance.

STEP 4            You will get Login access to All India Prelims online test platform.


Frequently Asked Questions                                  

            Q : I am working in a full time job. Will your program be suitable for me

            Ans : Yes, we will work with you on individual level.                                                          

            Q : I Have already joined WriteToBeIAS.com Prelims test series or GS Daily answer evaluation course. Will my fee be adjusted?

            Ans : Yes, fee already paid for our test series will be adjusted         

            Q : I have already joined any other test series. Will this program still benefit me?

            A : Yes. This is not a tests series rather a complete support structure. We will help you take optimum advantage of whatever courses you have undergone/currently   undergoing  

            Q: Can we physically meet with the educator

            A : On the request of students, we may consider occasional group meetings in Delhi only.            

            Q: Who will be the mentor

            A: Only interview appeared & experienced educator will mentor you                     

            Q: What will be the languages in which mentoring will be done                                                 

            A : Hindi/English/Mixed (At your choice)                                                                                  

            Q. Is it available Online ?

            Yes. You can be sitting in any corner of the world yet take advantage of this program

            Q. Duration of the complete plan?                                                

            Minimum joining period is 6 months. Maximum duration is up to June 2020

            Q. Is not the program starting too late ?

            This is most perfect time to start. This is most appropriate time when you will put 100% of your energy and get our support

            Q: Will we get new books/materials ?

            A : We WILL give a summry of most popular books from our side. We will also keep recommending you best available materials from the market. We MAY give some Value added material from our side without any prior promise.                                            

            Q : Will student get daily schedule ?

            A : Yes you will get daily/weekly  subject wise plan  in such a way that you can cover syllabus at least 3-5 times before exam date                                                                                              

            Q: What is the purpose of conducting "Entrance Test"?                                                

            A : To judge your level of preparedness so that we can support you. This will not be test of elimination .

            Q : Will the program cover both the papers of Prelims exam

            A : Yes. It will cover both GS & CSAT Papers                    

            Q. What will be the coverage of  terms of Static/current portions of the syllabus ?

            Conventional, contemporary and current affairs will be thoroughly covered

            Q. Whether the guidance will be available for Prelims only or both Pre cum Mains

            Both Prelims cum Materials



  • 14 Subject Wise Sectional Tests (100 questions each) : For building Foundation
  • 8 Full Revision Test of all Papers (100 questions each) : so that you can revise entire syllabus twice
  • 20 Current affairs tests of 100 questions each
  • 4 Comprehensive Tests (100 questions each) for UPSC exam pattern practice
  • 4  CSAT Full length (80 questions each)at UPSC pattern

For any query drop an email at contact@writetobeias.com