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FAQ on Mains Courses

Ques : What is the process for “Daily Answer Writing Evaluation” Courses ?

Ans :

  1. Step1->Sign Up on the website
  2. Step2-> Buy any “Daily Answer Evaluation Course” from “IAS Mains Courses”
  3. Download the daily test from “TODAY TEST” inside ‘student dashboard’ after login on website.
  4. Write the answers on a physical paper.
  5. Scan answer sheet through “Camscanner” app and make a PDF of it (not the image)
  6. Upload the PDF of answer sheet on “TODAY TEST” > submit answer link inside the dashboard
  7. Download the “Model Answer” immediately on uploading PDF of answers
  8. Get Email alert on evaluation
  9. Evaluated copy with detailed comments available in student dashboard > Running Courses > Selected your course  
  NOTE : For any issue you face in above steps, please feel free to drop an email at  contact@writetobeias.com

Ques : Is there any schedule for writing programme?

Ans : Yes. Date & topic wise schedule is attached with every course.

Ques : Will I get full syllabus coverage ?

Ans : Yes. Every topic of mains syllabus will be covered in the full mains course

Ques : Can I upgrade package after few days by paying remaining fee?

Ans : No. All packages are exclusive and you will require to register and pay separately for each package.

Ques : I am beginner. Is this improve daily program is enough for mains examination?

Ans : This programme will give you confidence and you will see yourself improving daily. It’s like filling pot drop by drop. If you want to practice more than one question on daily basis then send special request at contact@writetobeias.com. We will see what we can do for you.

Ques : I haven't completed my syllabus .Can I join now or wait to complete syllabus?

Ans : Our courses cover all GS papers with basic as well as current topics. Answer writing is a skill. You need not have full syllabus at your tips to start answer writing.

Ques : I am appearing 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 5th or 6th time for mains. Is this writing programme enough for me?

Ans : Yes. This will improve your skills with every answer under strict supervision of educators. Knowledge is not sufficient but its way how you arrange your thoughts which will give you extra edge.

Ques : Can I get my personal question answers evaluated?

Ans : Yes. We have now allowed this option also.

Ques : What should be my strategy to take maximum benefit out of IDP 2020 ?

Ans : Prepare and revise the scheduled topic in advance, if possible (although not a prerequisite). Before writing answer you can revise that particular area from your study material. As it's not a test but an exercise to improve your writing skills. Everyday Download the question from your registered Email and practice it within give time limit and word limit. Once you get model answer, immediately compare your answer with model answer and write down daily mistakes/comments by evaluators in a separate register. Whenever you receive evaluated answer from our side, again see for the evaluator comments and suggestions. Next time write the answer keeping in mind previous days mistakes and try not to repeat them. Our evaluators will also give you periodical strategy to improve your answer writing based upon your answers. Over a period of two or three months time you will develop a muscle to write structured and well organised answer.

FAQ on Prelims Courses

Ques : With which Prelims course I will be getting what?

Ans :

1. Master Prelims 2020 - Total 40 Online tests(Including 21 Current Affairs
Tests) + Current Affairs Notes from PIB & The Hindu + Crux Notes of Static Subject
(Of Standard Books) Click Here to View Course Details
2. Master Current Affairs 2020 - Total 21 Current Affairs Test + Current Affairs
Notes from PIB & The Hindu Click Here to View Course Details
3. Master Static Prelims 2020 - Total 19 Subject wise tests from static areas Click
Here to View Course Details

4. Crux Notes of Standard Books - Only Crux Notes of Standard Books Click Here
to View Course Details


Ques : How I can create account/register over prelims portal?

Ans : To create account go to www.writetobeias.com and click over Sign Up button. Automatically account will be created over both websites after email verification. Account Creation/registration Link

Ques : What is difference between Prelims Portal and Mains Website?

Ans : Mains website www.WriteToBeIAS.com for Mains daily answer writing practice and evaluation Prelims Portal: www.writetobeias.conductexam.in for Prelims online test series

Ques : Do I need to create separate account on prelims portal?

Ans : No. Your just need to Signup at Mains portal and after email verification your account will be available

Ques : How I can purchase Prelims test series?

Ans : First Register/SignUp Over our website www.writetobeias.com

Then go to Prelims Portal www.writetobeias.conductexam.in and select and
purchase online test series of your choice.

Ques : How I can access prelims tests and where?

Ans : In case of PC/Laptop you can access prelims portal at https://writetobeias.conductexam.in

Tests as well as study material are available after login.

In case of Mobile phone it will be accessible through mobile Android APP only.

You can also download our android app from google play store.

  All study materials will also be available after login to prelims portal only.

Note:- However for mains portal and associated courses(Such as answer writing
and Static Crux Notes courses) Mobile app is not required.


Ques : How can I install Mobile App?

Ans : Mobile App is available only for Android platform and not for IOS. You can download android app from Google Playstore by searching WriteToBeIAS

Ques : If I purchase today, when am I going to get?

Ans : Immediately after purchase you can access test as well as study material. 

Ques : How I can download Notes provided with test series?

Ans : Please Login to Prelims Portal using your credentials. Under your account under Study Material section you can download associated study material in pdf format.

Ques : In which format(Hard copy/Short copy) short notes will be provided?

Ans : Material will be provided in online dashboard in pdf format only. Which can be viewed as well as downloaded

Ques : How long can I access the Notes and tests?

Ans : Tests and Notes shall be provided as per predefined schedule. However these can be accessed and downloaded till 20th June 2020. 

Ques : Can I download tests?

Ans : After completing your test you can download pdf of test as well as explanation.

Ques : Is there any Fixed date to give test?

Ans : Tests and associated study material shall be made available as per pre defined schedule. However you can appear for a test even after the test date is past.

Ques : What if I miss a test date?

Ans : Still you can appear for test online on any date as per your comfort till 30th May 2020.

Ques : Where I can buy only Static Crux Notes?

Ans : Crux Notes can be bought from CRUX NOTES BUY ONLINE OR https://www.writetobeias.com/ias-prelims-courses.php OR https://www.writetobeias.com/coursesdetails/121

Ques : Where to download Crux Notes?

Ans : Step – 1 First buy Crux Notes Course Step - 2 After this Login to Mains portal Dashboard https://www.writetobeias.com/login.php Step- 3 Go to Study Material Section

Ques : What notes will provided under Static Crux Notes?

Ans : The Short Notes of following standard books will be provided 1. Indian Polity - Laxmikanth 2. Spectrum – Modern History 3. Ancient and Medieval History - old NCERTs 4. Geography NCERTs – 6 TH to 12th 5. G C Leong - Geography 6. Economy – NCERTs – 11 & 12th Class 7. Economy by CA Rahul Kumar 8. Shankar IAS - Environment 9. General Science NCERTs 10.Basics of S&T 11.Nitin Singhania – Art & Culture 12.Art & Culture – 11th NCERT