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WriteToBeIAS is a team of committed & experienced professionals working for providing quality IAS preparation services. In a short period of time we have made a place in the heart of our students and a name in the market for quality of our programs.

Our four students from daily mains answer writing practice  course made it to the final list. Our 20 students from DAF Analysis(Interview) programme made it to the final list.  Its a proud achievement in the first season of our work. Our expertise in Mains stage is Daily Answer evaluation.

We provide individual and detailed feedback to students.

Our programs span from Prelims to Mains to Interview stages.

Some of our unique programs include

1) Prelims Mentorship & Handholding Programme

2) Daily GS Mains answers evaluation courses

3) Prelims All India Test Series (Full GS ; Only Current Affairs based)

4) Personality Test DAF Analysis


A little bit about our Prelims Mentorship & Handholding Programme

Services Under This Programme

1. Regular individual calls at the times mutually set by Mentor & you (Average one call a week)
2.Online platform based 200 MCQ practice per week (time depending upon your customised schedule.
3. Total approx. 3000 MCQs will be practiced during the programme

4. Dedicated access to mentor who will reply to you in average 24 Hrs through whatsapp


About Our Daily GS Mains answers evaluation courses

Having good writing skills is a prerequisite to clear the IAS Mains examination. You do not need to become the author. what you need to know is as to - 

- “How to structure your answer in terms of introduction, body, conclusion” 
- “How to present the core idea behind the topic being asked in the question” 
- “How to insert important facts which are relevant to the topic” 
- “How to bring a good flow which arouses the interest of the reader enough to completely read the answer”

Generally coaching institutes offer highly paid test series on the one hand and free un-evaluated daily answer writing initiatives on the other hand. Both of these have limited utility for the candidates.

Few lacunas of the present test series model prevalent in the market are: 
1. Focus is more on the quantity than on the quality of the answer 
2. Answer evaluation is received after at least 10 to 15 days. By that time, candidate rarely remembers what frame of mind she had while writing particular answer. Time to improve yourself is no more available. 
3. You are made to pay for a package of tests ranging from 8 tests to 25 tests which cost minimum from Rs 10,000 to 25,000 or more. Even if you practice 2-3 tests still you bear the entire cost. They make super-profits at the cost of your hard earned money. 

Scientifically it has been found that practicing one question a day is more powerful then practicing 20 questions on a single day in a comprehensive test. Daily answer writing inculcates the habit to comprehend your thoughts effectively.

Lacunas of “FREE” and “WITHOUT EVALUATION” daily answer writing practice: 

1. Just Answer writing doesn't ensure answer improvement. Unless you get exact feedback on your answer you don’t improve 
2. Weekly progress is not tracked 
3. Good quality model answers are not made available. They just compile points from different answers written by the candidates 


1) Magic of daily evaluated answer writing skill development

Our experienced educator evaluate Minimum 1 (one) G.S. mains answer within 48 hours of upload. 
You will get 
- High quality feedback 
- Model answer inculcating all dimensions of the answer (static, current, facts, analysis) 
- Flowchart for answer 
- Kind of mistakes made by different candidate in the given question 
-Why you did not get the good marks

2) Not a test series. But a mentor guided & evaluated daily answer evaluation program 
Every week your mentor will give a target to improve at least one area in your answer writing like introduction, structure, interlinkage with current, examples, flowcharts etc. Within 5-6 weeks you will be master of presentable and comprehensive answer writing skill. 


3) Individual, focused answer writing practice platform, Personal attention for queries, strategy & improvement path through face to face or phone call at your convenience with your mentor. 

4) Coverage of full syllabus 
We will give you a schedule for the period between Prelims 2018 and Mains 2018 which ensure that entire GS syllabus is covered in these 110 days. 

5) Experienced Mentors 
Mentoring and evaluation by experts who appeared at least twice in the Civil Service Personality Test (Interview) and scored high scores in General Studies Mains 

“We Focus on "Quality" and not over "Quantity"